Install Starbound Server and Keep It Fast!

If you like Starbound, you probably want to run your own server for you and your friends. In just a few easy steps, we’ll guide you through setting up a Starbound server on a Linux environment, and give you some helpful tips to keep it fast for all of your players!

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Easily Install Tekkit With SSH

Today, we’ll be figuring out how to easily and quickly install Tekkit server using SSH. In just a few quick steps, your server will be up and running with the latest version of Tekkit.

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Form a Successful Server in Four Simple Steps

Have you ever wanted to create and run your own server for your favorite games? For many, this is a daunting task, requiring patience, skill, and perseverance. If you read these 4 steps, you’ll be on your way to making your very own gameserver.

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