Restarting Server (McMyAdmin)

Restarting your server is quite simple. Before you start, you should be logged into your server using SSH as the root user.

If you don't know how to login to SSH, see this page:


Once you're logged in, check to see if your McMyAdmin and minecraft server are running. Run this command:

screen -x


If it shows multiple sessions you need to read further below.

If it brings up one session already you can close it with /quit


If it doesn't show anything, that means your server is not running. If you're using our hosting your McMyAdmin files will be located in /home/minecraft

That means to start the server you need to run this:

cd /home/mcma && screen ./MCMA2_Linux_x86_64

This command will change you to the /home/minecraft directory, then start your server inside of a screen session.


To exit the screen session and keep the server running press ctrl a + d

That will leave the screen session, but keep it running in the background. To access it just type this again:

screen -x


If your server is still running when you do screen -x and you want to stop it or restart it all you have to do is run this command inside the screen:


That will force the server to be stopped gracefully, then it will stop McMyadmin. If that command doesn't work or it hangs you can optionally press ctrl + c

Be aware that pressing ctrl + c has potential to cause your world to not save properly and possibly corrupt the world/server.


If you run screen -x and you see multiple sessions like this below:


If you see that then all you need to do is enter the number at the end of screen -x. For example you would enter this:

screen -x 9515

That will screen into that specific session. From there you can use the /quit command to close it or whatever you'd like to do.


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