About Us

AllGamer provides only the best online gaming experience for players and their hosts. Less time worrying about your server = more playing time. That's what matters.


"I've got my server and I must say that I really like this host. Average ping is 53 MS and I live on the east coast so latency aint an issue. What really shine here is their customer support. They are really patient and will do about anything you ask them. My only concern is that, from what i've seen, they are more active during the night but it is not really a problem. Your tickets won't go for more than a single day unanswered, and if you can catch them up you will get your answers within minutes, even if it's a huge issue. Really good customer support from what i've seen. Price may seem a bit high compared to others but in this case you really get what you pay for."

- Splinterize