Survive the Nights

Survive the Nights Server Hosting


Survive the Nights is in a pre alpha state. This means the game itself and the server software is extremely buggy and prone to crashes amongst other issues. Before you order a server you should realize that we cannot guarantee the server software is stable. We do not recommend renting a Survive the Nights server unless you know what you're signing up for. Server wipes, server crashes, and frequent updates are to be expected.

Ultimate Peformance

Our Survive the Nights servers are hosted on a shared platform optimized for low latency and high performance gameplay. Our nodes are powered by Intel processors and SSDs for the best quality and reliability you can get. Our hosting is unrivaled and the reason for why we have been around for over eight years serving gamers.

Official Survive the Nights Server Provider

We are the only official Survive the Nights server provider. We actively work with the developers on Survive the Nights and even help write some of the game code. This gives us intimate knowledge on how the servers run and operate. It also gives us the ability to closely couple our control panel to server features in the game as well as develop new features as they're needed.

We Make It Easy

We provide you with the tools to give you full control of your server. We also have support staff ready to assist you with anything you might need.

We Are Committed

We are here to make sure your experience is enjoyable for you and your friends. If you have any questions, please contact us through a support ticket or our public Discord server.

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